Labrador standing on 2 Propel Air platforms at high inflation. With a third Propel Air at neutral inflation for comparison.

Propel Air Platform Product Review

Written by Anna Lee Sanders


Equipment Discussion

June 5, 2021

I typically don’t like new products. I find them gimmicky, unnecessary, redundant, marketing tools… trying to get people to spend money to buy products they don’t need. And that just irritates me. So I purchased a Propel Air Platform by Blue-9 with the intention of saying just that… but I was pleasantly surprised to find otherwise!!

Video Review

Heres a full video Review with demonstrating the Propel Air Platform at various inflation levels, stability -vs- instability, uses, different orientations, etc.

Propel Air PROS

  • Fully adjustable stability levels ensures a dog is appropriately challenged without being over-faced
  • Highly stable at low inflation level, medium unstable at a neutral inflation level, very unstable at a high inflation level… but with out the rolling risk inherent in the FitBone
  • Unstable without being squishy/maintains structural integrity even when under inflated. This is the only product the market (that I’m aware of) with this quality.
  • Rigid side walls make the full surface useful… all the way to the edges. And even when Ron Burgundy, puts all of his 70lbs of body on the edges, they still maintained integrity.
  • Can be used safely to challenge the dog on the median plane (inline with the spinal axis), without the rolling risk that can damage the medial shoulder and psoas.
  • Has multiple textures to accommodate dogs that are more tender-footed, as well as dogs needing more proprioceptive input through their feet… Specifically dogs recovering from neurological deficit type injuries.
  • Highly versatile. Highly useful. Well worth the investment!!

Propel Air CONS

  • Now I have a bunch of old equipment for sale… Anybody want to buy some FitBones??

All in all, the Propel Air is just super useful. Here’s a link to the Blue-9 Propel Air Platform product page if you’re interested. I’m not a distributer or affiliated in any way. I just want my members to purchase equipment that is going to be highly useful and versatile. No need to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need. But this piece YOU NEED!!!

Want to see the Propel Air in action? Check out the Weight Shifting: Intermediate video featuring the Propel Air… or search Propel Air in the Video Search Bar

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