Official CCC Sport Dog Program

Who it's for

Sport dogs or working dogs over 8 months old*

Length of Program

Multiple tracks spanning 3 months to 1 year


Official CCC Sport Dog Program

$249 for a year of access

What's Included

  • 42 Circuits
  • 3 Tracks
    • Comprehensive
    • Zone Focus
    • Skill Focus
  • 67 Video Tutorials
  • 194 Pages of instruction
  • PDF Download of all Circuits
  • Premium Features including
    • Priority Support
    • Save videos to Favorites
    • PDF Download of individual video pages
  • CUSTOMIZABLE Warm-Up / Cool Down

    • Two formats available.
    • One for digital download to your phone for quick and easy access.
    • Another formatted for printing and binding.
    • BOTH are included!!
  • Everything your Sport Dog could need for formal conditioning.
  • Access to all relevant information for 1 year

Equipment Needed

  • 2-4 Sitting Platforms
  • Plyo Box or Klimb
  • Standing Platform
  • 4 PawPods » TotoFit is preferred
  • 4 Rubber feed bowls or similar stable platforms
  • 2 Propel Air Platforms » 2 discs or 2 FitBones can be substituted
  • 6-10 Cavaletti Poles
  • BOSU Ball » Optional
  • Cato Board, wobble board or large stable platform » Optional
  • Peanut + Holder » Optional


Program Description:

The Sport Dog Program is specially designed to prepare the canine body* for the demands inherent in high impact sports like agility, flyball, bite sports, dock diving, man trailing, disc and various coursing sports.  This program contains a progression of exercises from Beginner level to Expert+, includes strength, stability and mobility components and proprioceptive challenges that mimic the demands inherent in high impact sports.

Implementing sport specific conditioning exercises not only helps improve strength and stability in the areas needed to impact performance and prevent injury, but it also allows your pup to reherse and refine the mechanics needed in your sport in a more mindful / low arousal setting.

Like humans, dogs are “handed”, and often have a preference for bending or turning in one direction over the other. Formal conditioning has a significant impact on coordination, footwork and understanding… especially when executed on the dog’s non-dominant side. So along with training the body, we’re also taking the time to train the mind.

I have organized the material into three different Tracks so it can be applied in a variety of ways to meet your dog’s specific needs. This is detailed below.

If you’re unsure if this is the right program for your pup or your goals, shoot me an email [email protected]

Don’t love email? We can always schedule a 30 min Discovery Call to go over things face-to-face.

NOTE: Dog / handler teams who have completed the Puppy or Beginner Program will be well prepared for the physical and mental challenges of the Sport Dog Program. Teams experienced with formal conditioning can begin with this program, but some remedial work may be necessary in order to guarantee proper alignment and muscle recruitment.

*All CCC Programs are intended to be used by healthy dogs, or dogs that have been cleared to return to fitness by their veterinary care team.

Updated PDF Format:

Sport Dog PDF Format Example


Warm-Up / Cool Down

Example of a few pages from the Sport Dog Warm-Up / Cool Down.

Explanation of Tracks included in this Program

The Sport Dog Program offers 3 different ways to approach the material depending on the individual dog’s needs and the goals of the dog/handler team.

Comprehensive Track

The Comprehensive Track is a total body, balanced workout that combines strength, balance and mobility training. It can be used independently, or after any of the Zone or Skill specific tracks. The Comprehensive Track is intended to build fitness that lasts, and to maintain that fitness long term.

This Map shows the Track’s Progression

Map showing the circuit progression through the Post TPLO Mini-Program

Zone Focus Track

The Zone Focus Track targets specific areas that might be weak in an individual pup like the core, shoulders, hips and feet. You can use this track to improve muscle imbalances, teach proper alignment, and rebalance the body. Muscle balance is especially important for sport & working dogs

This Map shows the Track’s Progression

Map showing the circuit progression through the Post TPLO Mini-Program

Skill Focus Track

The Skill Focus Track has an emphasis on coordination, and aims to mimic sport specific movements like turning, collection and extension. Train the brain as well as the body in a controlled, low arousal setting, away from the ring, to fast-track skill improvement, and reduce frustration.

This Map shows the Track’s Progression

Map showing the circuit progression through the Post TPLO Mini-Program

Sport Dog Exercise Circuits

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