Official CCC Post Spay Mini-Program

Who it's for

Girls 2+ weeks post spay*

Length of Program

Approximately 2-4 months to complete in its entirety


Official CCC Post Spay Mini-Program

$79 USD for a year of access

What's Included

  • 8 Mini-Circuits
  • 1 Pre-Program Circuit that covers all foundation exercises
  • 34 Video Tutorials
  • 37 Pages of instruction
  • PDF Download of all Circuits
  • Premium Features including
    • Priority Support
    • Save videos to Favorites
    • PDF Download of individual video pages
  • Access to all relavent information for 1 year

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Sitting Platforms
  • Standing Platform
  • 4  Rubber feed bowls or similar stable foot targets
  • Plyo Box, Klimb or other elevated prop
  • 1 Low unstable prop (wedge, disc, foam pad, etc)
  • 4 PawPods » TotoFit is my preferred brand
  • Cato Board, wobble board or large stable platform
  • 2 Propel Air Platforms, FitBones or discs
  • Manners Minder or second handler (only 1 exercise)
  • Cone or other similar pylon
  • 6-10 Cavaletti (Optional)
  • Peanut + Holder (Optional)

Program Description:

Underwhelmed by the “Standard Protocol” advice of 2 weeks crate rest and then suddenly allowing a full force return to activity?? Yeah, me too. That would never be the advice for a human recovering from abdominal surgery (even laparoscopy).

Help your girl return to activity SAFELY, while reducing the risk of injury by implementing this Post Spay Mini-Program. Strengthen the pelvic stabilizers, restore core strength and mobilize the intra-abdominal fascia to effectively return your girl to function*.

Form is the priority in this program, and gives us a lot of information about how the individual is feeling. I have worked with LOTS of people who have had a hysterectomy… and this is no little surgery. Not only are we dealing with the surgical disection, we are also working with a body that has a completely different balance of hormones, and is recovering from a massive disturbance of the intra-abdominal myofascial web. The most vulnerable time for soft tissue is in the first week or so returning to work after time off. Please proceed mindfully.

Specific instructions about implementing the mini-circuits is included in the PDF. There are options for working on an am/pm cycle or on alternating days, depending on your work schedule, and how your girl is handling her recovery.

Upon completion, your girl will be ready to return to the exercises in the Strong Dog or Sport Dog Program. Once she is executing those exercises fluently, it’s fair to reintroduce sport specific work a little at a time.

If you’re unsure if this is the right program for your pup or your goals, shoot me an email [email protected]


Don’t love email? We can always schedule a 30 min Discovery Call to go over things face-to-face.

*To be implemented starting 2 weeks post spay or after suture removal, with clearance from your vet. Please wait until growth plates are closed before spaying.

Updated PDF Format:

Post Spay PDF Format Example

Circuit Progression:

Map showing the circuit progression through the Post Spay Mini-Program

Post Spay Exercise Circuits

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