Official CCC Sloppy Sitters Mini-Program

Who it's for

Grown dogs* who are struggling to maintain alignment through the rear limbs, pelvis and spine.

Length of Program

Approximately 4-5 months to complete to fluency


Official CCC Sloppy Sitters Mini-Program

$99 USD for a year of access

What's Included

  • 5 Intensive Circuits
  • 26 Video Tutorials
  • 30 Pages of instruction
  • PDF Download of all Circuits
  • Premium Features including
    • Priority Support
    • Save videos to Favorites
    • PDF Download of individual video pages
  • Access to all relavent information for 1 year

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Sitting Platforms
  • 1 Standing Platform
  • Plyo Box or Klimb
  • 2-4 Rubber feed bowls or similar stable foot target
  • 4 PawPods » TotoFit is my preferred brand
  • Large square of fleece material (1 meter²)
  • Cato Board, wobble board, or large stable platform
  • 6-10 Cavaletti » Optional but recommended for future
  • 2 large-ish traffic cones or other similar pylons

Program Description:

This intensive program aims to correct the muscle imbalance, and coordination deficit associated with a sloppy sit*. Using a progressive formula, platforms and placement of reward, we can help teach your pup’s body AND mind how to move into and maintain a square sit. This has a positive impact on posture through the spine, pelvis and rear legs.  Sitting squarely reduces the strain on the ligaments in the spine, hip and stifle joint. Since ligaments are non-elastic, once they stretch they don’t go back… So correcting a Sloppy Sit is important to reduce the risk of injury to the CCL in particular.

Puppies (under 8 months), and growing dogs (8-12 months depending on breed) would be better served by following the  Puppy or Beginner Programs respectively, which do have a focus on sitting squarely, but take growing bodies, and developing minds/attention spans into consideration.

Keep in mind, It takes TIME for alignment to change… especially if your pup has been rehearsing improper posture for some time. Be patient, and don’t be tempted to rush through the program. Spending more time on the initial circuits will likely result in a better outcome.

If a more challenging conditioning protocol is desired, or sports are in your future, the dog/ handler and will be well prepared to move on to the Strong Dog, Sport Dog, or Senior Dog Program, or any other applicable Mini-Programs.

I always want you to feel like you know what you’re doing, what the point of each exercise is, and where the progression is headed. If you need more support, or really want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly, I have several affordable options available for video review and feedback. Check out my Private Coaching page for more information.

If you’re unsure if this is the right program for your pup or your goals, shoot me an email [email protected]


Don’t love email? We can always schedule a 30 min Discovery Call to go over things face-to-face.

*All CCC Programs are intended to be used by healthy dogs, or dogs that have been cleared to return to fitness by their veterinary care team.

Updated PDF Format:

Sloppy Sitters PDF Format Example

Circuit Progression:

Map showing the circuit progression through the Sloppy Sitters Mini-Program

Sloppy Sitters Exercise Circuits

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