Official CCC Post TPLO Mini-Program

Who it's for

Dogs 8 weeks post TPLO or after bone healing has been confirmed*.

Length of Program

Approximately 5-6 months to complete to fluency.


Official CCC Post TPLO Mini-Program

$199 USD for a year of access

What's Included

  • 15 Circuits
    • 1 Pre-Program
    • 11 Fitness
    • 3 Maintenance
  • 50 Video Tutorials
  • 62 Pages of instruction
  • PDF Download of all Circuits
  • Premium Features including
    • Priority Support
    • Save videos to Favorites
    • PDF Download of individual video pages
  • Access to all relavent information for 1 year

Equipment Needed

  • 2-4 Sitting Platforms
  • Standing Platform
  • 4  Rubber feed bowls or similar stable foot targets
  • Plyo Box, Klimb or other elevated prop
  • Cato Board, wobble board or large stable platform
  • 4 PawPods » TotoFit is my preferred brand
  • 2 Propel Air Platforms, 2 FitBones or 2 discs
  • 2 Traffic cones or other similar pylons
  • 6-10 Cavaletti
  • Peanut + holder (Optional)

Program Description:

You may or maynot know my BC has undergone 2 TPLOs and 2 rehabs… so this protocol is near and dear to my heart. We spent 8 weeks implementing very careful rehab exercises, expensive manual modalities and UWTM. When our radiograph showed bone healing, I was suddenly given the “all clear” to allow Hot Rod off leash to do anything she wanted. All the sudden? After being so careful… ANYTHING??? YIKES!!!  That was a big ole NOPE from me. That would never be the recomended protocol for a human!!

We know from human physical therapy principles that muscle, tendon and ligament immediately start adapting to disuse, becoming weaker… and this change happens as early as 1 week. This is called the Principle of Reversibility. Now after 8 weeks, I can suddenly allow my dog run wild??

We also know from human physical therapy principles, that it takes intentional application of load in order to help the soft tissue in the body to re-strengthen and be properly prepared to meet the forces applied in everyday life. Lastly, we know that implementing a strategy where physical therapy is “done to you” is only successful in a very limited way. At some point, the human undergoing physical therapy has to train their own brain and body to fire the hypoactive muscle fibers… And train their own eyes/body to recognize/implement proper alignment and movement strategies.  Until the patient themselves is making the conscious decision to implement proper form, success will be variable at best. I want better for you and your pup…

The step-by-step protocol I designed is a very intentional approach to loading the pelvic limb in all planes of motion, to strengthen ALL the links in the chain that support the spine, pelvis, hip, stifle, tarsus and foot, and retrain the brain to accept the new sensory input coming from the new tibial angle/changed limb mechanics due to the TPLO itself. We do this by using appropriately sized platforms to define the space the dog must stay within, careful marker timing, and placement of reward to teach proper posture and muscle recruitment. So the dog actually understands that specific form is earning the cookie… Making them much more likely to offer that form in the future.

The body is a system, so hyper-focusing on the stifle does not provide the most functional result.

This Post TPLO fitness protocol will definitely take more effort to implement than the “She can do whatever she wants” approach, it will also take longer… but will result in a much more comprehensive recovery… A strong dog who has been appropriately prepared to meet the demands of life, who has integrated the new proprioceptive input from the changed angle of the tibial plateau, and a reduced risk of re-injury.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of rupture on the other side… Or to guarantee a compensatory injury won’t happen. Anyone making that claim is overstating what fitness/rehab can do.  But this is your best shot. And if your pup does sustain another injury because of genetics, a freak accident, or a sport related overload… they will be strong, and well prepared to recover again… and YOU will be trained to help them in the best way possible.

If you’re unsure if this is the right program for your pup or your goals, shoot me an email [email protected]


Don’t love email? We can always schedule a 30 min Discovery Call to go over things face-to-face.

*The Post TPLO Mini-Program is designed to be implemented after the 8 week radiograph has confirmed bone heeling, and your vet has given clearance to gently return to normal activity.

Updated PDF Format:

Post TPLO PDF Example

Circuit Progression:

Map showing the circuit progression through the Post TPLO Mini-Program

Post TPLO Exercise Circuits

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