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Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness Group

Members at all levels of financial commitment (even those just accessing the free content) are encouraged to join the Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness Facebook group where Anna Lee is a member of the ADMIN team.

She will be offering “Feedback Fridays,” a specific thread offered each Friday, as a means of helping you tweak, and perfect any exercise you’re currently working on or struggling with.

You’ll be able to submit a short video for feedback directly from Anna Lee and her colleagues. Never feel unguided or unsupported with this resource available

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Where to Find Additional Help

Find a Rehab Professional in Your Area

Canine Rehab Institute

Canine Rehab Institute (CCRT) is a top credentialing program in the United States certifying both veterinarians and human physical therapists to work on canines. Physical therapists who have their masters or doctorate in physical therapy have an extensive amount of schooling and experience. I’ve had great experience with practitioners who have completed this program.

The American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehab

The American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehab (DACVSMR) offers a rigorous residency program lasting 3-6 years and requires a successful passing of both components of the Board-Certification Examination. This program was developed to meet the unique needs of athletic and working animals as well as all animals in need of rehabilitation.

Where to Look for Local Practitioners

Finding Help Near You

Animal Rehab Division (Canada)


Canada folks can find a rehab professional by using the Animal Rehab Division site.

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy


Canada folks can find a rehab professional by using the Animal Rehab Division site.

The British Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Association


UK Folks will have the best results by using this site to find a Sports Medicine Veterinarian or rehab professional, although the above mentioned links do offer international search options.

Other Professionals that offer Distance Consulting

Get Remote Help

Dr. Jana Gams, Dogs4Motion Academy

Dr. Jana Gams DVM, CCRP with Dogs4Motion Academy offers distance consults in canine rehab with both monthly coaching as well as, a one time consultation with video review. Jana has a fully integrated online platform, and is highly experienced with helping sporting dogs return to function.

Tara Monahan, Canine Fitness Innovations

If you’re looking for online fitness classes, with a focus on detail and foundations, I would recommend Tara Monahan CPCFT with Canine Fitness Innovations. Tara is a full time grade 8 school teacher since 2001. Her teaching skills, patience and commitment to an interactive classroom environment make her offerings highly effective.

Lisa Petterson, LP Canine Fitness

If you’re looking for online Sport Specific fitness classes, I would recommend checking out Lisa Petterson CPCFT, with LP Canine Fitness. Her attention to detail, skill at breaking down high speed, sport specific motion into their foundation components, and positive attitude about all breeds make her my go-to for sport specific training.