I initially found you on the CCBAE Facebook Conditioning Group. Your responses in the conditioning group always caught my attention.  After watching your videos, I was convinced that you really had an understanding of our canine athletes and how we could do better!  Your attention to detail is impeccable.

You have taught me the importance of conditioning mechanics along with patience in helping my dog understand what I am asking for.  You’ve really helped me pay attention to my lumping tendencies and how I need to do better.  This has helped with my agility training too!! I loved getting Passion prehabbed before her spay and being able to go back to her fitness afterwards with a plan that I felt comfortable doing.  Having your eyes on Truth in his return to active life was second to none!  It’s been amazing watching him get stronger every day and really master so many of the exercises, especially after we struggled with some at first.  I really appreciated having a plan put together for my specific dogs and their issues.

Alison, Passion & Truth

~Agility Instructor and Competitor

Though I have a great deal of experience designing and implementing conditioning programs, Anna Lee’s programs brought my dog to the next level. Her careful review of our execution of each exercise allowed me to see small changes that could have a big impact. In addition, the program detail focused on my dog’s specific challenges made it clear that we were building back stronger than we’d ever been.

I really appreciated Anna Lee’s attention to detail in feedback and in the online resources. In addition, her ability to execute the exercises slowly and with precision and attention to small details made it clear that her program would help my dog tremendously and not risk injury from exercises that were too complex or too hard or not specific enough.

Rachel & Pele

~ DVM, CCRT, Agility Competitor

Anna Lee has taught me so much about canine exercise, anatomy and physiology, as well as honing my training skills and enhancing my ability to notice small but incredibly important details. Before finding Canine Conditioning Coach I felt a bit overwhelmed as a new agility person, and wanted to do the best I could to enhance strength and other skills to prevent injury, but didn’t know where to start. Anna Lee offered detailed observations, online 1 to 1 coaching, and is truly and overtly evidence based. And I wanted the flexibility of the online feedback model. Everywhere else local, I had to drive long distances, and only got short sessions. For the price of four sessions in person, I got ongoing support one to one, but had the flexibility to do training when appropriate for my dog, and when convenient for me.

The ability to ask lots of questions  was amazing, and that the more regular check in model made it so much easier to incorporate timely feedback into training… Meaning we could fix mistakes and progress on Lilu’s timeline, not when I could get an appointment!

Megan & Lilu

~Agility & Nosework Competitor

Anna’s support was invaluable as she designed multiple fitness programs tailored to my dog’s needs—first general strength training for several weeks, and then targeted exercises to support a lumbosacral disease diagnosis.

She addressed multiple compensations that other professionals overlooked and her attention to detail and quick response were instrumental in my dog’s recovery.

Most of all she listened to me, valued my input, and was willing to break down exercises into smaller pieces that I knew were safe for my dog.

Judith & Kimbo

~Owner CCBAE FB Group

Anna Lee is very open, supportive and easy to talk to. Before I found Anna Lee I struggled to find a personalized plan for each of my three dogs, and someone that could tell me EACH muscle group that was being activated. Most people are not that detailed! Now, after working with Anna Lee, I have a WAY better understanding of the mechanics of each exercise, and what to look for in each dog, their specific compensations, and how to help fix them.


Thanks for all you do for us (LOTS of it for free!!!). I am glad you’re in our dog community!!

Kim, Fen, Sony & Verse

~ Jump Grid Specialist , Owner Pawsitive Steps Sports Center

Before finding Canine Conditioning Coach it was challenging for me to recognize proper form, and didn’t fully understand the anatomical details. Since working with Anna Lee I have gained awareness of the value of prop setup, and placement of reward.

Her use of mark ups have been so helpful narrowing my focus and my ability to identify form, or lack thereof. It was also really helpful that Anna Lee was flexible in choice of exercises when she recognized one exercise should be substituted for another in order to accomplish desired goals for Raya, who is also my working Service Dog.


Lynn & Raya

~CPCFT Student