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Always have a Lifeline!

Are you a handler looking to transition to independent work with the confidence that help is never far away? The Long-Term Lifeline course is designed for those who want to work at their own pace while having the flexibility to reach out for guidance when needed. This course offers an extended lifeline of support over the course of a full 6 months.

Screenshot showing the Canine Conditioning Classroom setup for the Long-Term Lifeline Option

Long-Term Lifeline Course Highlights:

  • Course Fee: $300 USD
  • 6 Months of Guidance: With a full 6 months of support, you have the time and flexibility to learn, grow, and master canine conditioning at your own pace. You’re never rushed, and you’ll always have access to support and feedback.
  • 12 Minutes of Video Review: You have 12 valuable minutes of video review at your disposal. Use them as needed, whether to fine-tune your handling techniques, assess for avoidence, or get confirmation that things are being executed well before moving onto the next circuit. Receive personalized feedback to keep you on the right track.
  • Independence with a Safety Net: Work independently and autonomously, but know that support is there whenever you encounter a roadblock or need assistance. The Long-term Lifeline course provides the best of both worlds.
  • Never Feel Alone: We’re committed to ensuring you never feel isolated on your journey. Stay connected, reach out, and continue learning with confidence.
  • Accommodates one or more dogs: Whether you have one pup or several, this option is adaptable to your needs.
  • Unlimited questions related to conditioning: You have questions? Anna Lee has answers! Feel free to ask unlimited conditioning questions in your provate Q & A forum.
  • 100% Private Conditioning Classroom: Learn in a supportive, private, confidential environment.

This course is structured to ensure that you have the resources and guidance you need to continue your growth as you move onto new advanced material. It’s an opportunity to embrace your newfound knowledge, refine your skills, and apply them with confidence, knowing that expert support is just a message away.

Canine Conditioning Classroom Submission and feedback example

Who is this Long-Term Lifeline course for?

The Long-term Lifeline course is tailored for a specific group of individuals who are ready to take their canine conditioning skills to the next level. It’s designed to offer ongoing support and guidance while fostering independence. This course is ideal for:

Course Graduates: This course is open to those who have successfully completed either the Accelerated or Slow & Steady course. If you’ve previously walked the path of intensive learning and skill development with us, the Long-term Lifeline course is your opportunity to continue your journey.

Anna Lee’s Exemption: In some cases, Anna Lee may grant exemptions for individuals who haven’t completed the prior courses but demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills. If you believe you qualify for an exemption, don’t hesitate to inquire. [email protected]

Feel Empowered

Our mission is not just to provide adjustments but to empower you with the skills to identify proper alignment and make necessary changes. Learn how to leverage Handler Motion, Prop Setup, and Reward Placement to help your dog be successful. By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in your abilities, ready to work independently, or transition to less intensive feedback options.

Anna Lee will tailor her teaching approach to your unique learning style, offering written feedback, annotated images, compare-and-contrast photos, and more. You’ll learn to assess your pup and make changes with confidence.


Note: For future course offerings, existing students will have priority enrollment for Accelerated, Slow & Steady, and Long-Term Lifeline Private Coaching / Feedback Options.

Screenshot showing the Q&A Forum on the Canine Conditioning Classroom.

Course Outline

  • Week 0
    • Setting up your Canvas Profile
    • Learning how to navigate the Canvas teaching platform
    • Self Check Quiz
    • Introducing yourself
  • Months 1 & 2
    • Instructions for using the Video Review Forum
    • Instructions for using the Q&A Forum
    • Video Review Forum
    • Unlimited questions available
  • Months 3 & 4
    • Video Review Forum
    • Unlimited questions available
  • Months 5 & 6
    • Video Review Forum
    • Unlimited questions available
    • Wrapping Up / Next Steps

Anna Lee believes in fully equipping you with all the skills you need to feel confident adapting the Canine Conditioning Coach method to your specific dogs and their needs. Her goal is for you to no longer rely on her. She wants to empower you to be self-sufficient.

“The biggest gift my students could give me is to not need me any longer! I don’t want to be the one in possession of the knowledge you seek, and dole it out slowly. I want to give it ALL to you!!”

~ Anna Lee Sanders


Ready to sign up? Shoot me an email!

[email protected]

    1. Include “Long-Term Lifeline” in the subject line.
    2. Give us some background on your pup including their name, age, neuter status, and what program you’re following.
    3. Anna Lee will contact you regarding her available start dates, and see what works for your schedule.
    4. Then we will send you a private link where you can register and pay.
    5. You will have a full week before your Long-Term Lifeline officially begins to acquaint yourself with your Canvas Classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are additional questions allowed? Or only Video Submissions?

YES! All questions related to conditioning are allowed and ENCOURAGED! You will have a designated PRIVATE Q & A forum along with your Video Review forum where you can ask any and all questions that are not related to a specific exercise.

What happens if I don't finish my minutes?

For the Long-term Lifeline Feedback Option you have a full 6 months to use up your 12 minutes. Minutes do not carry over, and I do not offer extensions at this time. I use the time allotment as a way of planning my schedule, and ensuring I have enough time to give detailed, comprehensive feedback without overloading myself. So if your minutes don’t get used up they do expire.

In the event of an emergency, I do have the ability to pause your course. Life happens, people get sick, dogs get hurt… I understand. But please let me know ASAP. I offer this option as a courtesy, as courses are non-refundable. If I don’t hear from you for weeks at a time, I will be less inclined to provide an extension or accommodate rescheduling requests. My primary concern is the safety and well-being of both you and your dog, and I encourage open communication to ensure the best possible experience during this course.

Where does the feedback take place?

All of my Private Coaching/ Feedback, as well as all my other classes are taught on Canvas, which is the most innovative, assessable, and intuitive learning management system currently available. Canvas is the LMS used in the vast majority of secondary education in the United States, and is top of the line, easy to navigate, and incredibly powerful.

This platform gives me the ability to provide a private or group learning environment, organize weekly lessons, setup discussion forums, make you individual fun quizzes, and easily communicate back and forth… all from within the platform. Super slick and easy to navigate. I want nothing but the very best for my learners! 

When can I start?

I do have a limited number of slots available each month, so space is limited. This ensures I have the time to provide each dog / hander team with the time and attention they deserve. But typically I start my feedback on the first Monday of the month, and can make space with a few weeks lead time.

Do I have to submit all 12 minutes at once?

Your minutes can be used in the amount you feel highlights the issue you are seeing, or what would demonstrate “normal” execution for your dog. What works best is to submit short, edited clips of the exercise you would like me to see. This is usually between 0:30-0:60 per video clip. Then I can give you feedback, you can make adjustments, and when you’re ready, you can submit another video clip.

There will be specific instructions / guidelines for the post format located within your private course. But this gives you a brief overview.

If I use up my minutes before the 6 months are up, can I renew early?

Yes and No. It will really depend on what my schedule looks like, and how many openings I have available in the coming months. 

Because this option is intended to be uses as a transition to independent execution, dog/handler teams who need more frequent support and video review would be better served by the Accelerated or Slow & Steady Feedback Option *OR* may want to look at the 1-Hour Video Review Consult.