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Think there’s something off with your pup’s movement? Find out for sure with a Gait Analysis Consult!


This unique service provided by Anna Lee uses her graphic overlay technique to assess movement mechanics, measure joint angles, and can be used to determine…

  1. If there is an underlying asymmetry affecting gait mechanics.
  2. Which limbs are affected
  3. And which muscles are likely being affected by these compensatory mechanics.

If a major gait anomaly is detected, this information can be used as means of providing clarity concerning which limb or joint is affected, and narrowing the diagnostic pathway for imaging or manual assessment by an orthopedic specialist, sports medicine vet, or rehab professional.

If a minor gait anomaly is detected, and your veterinary care team determines there is no need to peruse diagnostic imaging or rehab, this information can be used to determine which canine fitness exercises might be helpful with regards to promoting muscle balance and restoring joint mechanics.

Gait analysis images showing the walk shot form the side.

Gait Analysis Consult Highlights:

  • Consult Fee: $200 USD
  • 10 Minutes of Video: Submit 10 minutes of video, and receive in-depth, analysis measuring stride length, joint flexion/extension, footfall patterns, and amplitude change.
  • 1 Hour Face-to-Face Video Call: In our 1 Hour Interactive Session, we will review your video together and use screenshots + graphic overlay to help you see any gait anomaly in real time, discuss which joints and muscles are affected, and which next steps may be needed.
  • Comprehensive PDF Report: Along with the live video review, Anna Lee will also provide a PDF debrief including images with graphic overlay that cover her findings which can be shared with your care team.
  • Collaboration with Care Teams: Share Anna Lee’s findings with orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine veterinarians, and rehab professionals for a holistic approach to your pet’s well-being.
  • Baseline for Veterinary Workups: Utilize the analysis as a baseline for future veterinary assessments and monitor your pup’s soundness proactively.
  • Custom Exercise Protocol: Establish a foundation for designing a personalized exercise curriculum based on the gait analysis results.
  • Ask Any Questions: You have questions? Anna Lee has answers! Feel free to ask any questions you might have and gain immediate clarity!

This consult is structured to ensure that you have the resources and guidance you need to pursue an appropriate diagnostic pathway with your veterinary care team, or transition to fitness exercises to improve underlying mechanics. Quantify the things you are seeing in your pup’s movement and feel confident in your assessment.

Gait analysis images showing the walk shot form the rear.

Who is this Gait Analysis Consult for?

This service is ideal for dog / handler teams seeking a comprehensive understanding of their pup’s movement patterns. If you value evidence-based insights, early injury detection, and collaboration with veterinary professionals, the Gait Analysis Consultation is tailored for you. Whether you’re being proactive or already working closely with a care team, this service offers valuable information for informed decision-making.. Ready to sign up? Shoot me an email!  [email protected]

Feel Empowered

Our mission is not just to provide adjustments but to empower you with the skills to identify proper alignment and make necessary changes. By the end of this consult you should feel confident in what you are seeing concerning your pup’s gait mechanics, and have the data ‘in hand’ to confidently move forward with the appropriate interventions!

Gait analysis images showing the trot shot from the side.


Ready to sign up? Shoot me an email!

[email protected]

  1. Include “Gait Analysis” in your email subject.
  2. To ensure accurate and uncorrupted gait analysis, please provide video footage of your dog moving at a walk, trot, and extended trot shot from each side, as well as moving toward the camera, and moving away from the camera.
  3. Position the camera square to the dog, set at the height of the withers (top of the spine).
  4. Please remove any “gear”, including harnesses and jackets, etc and have your dog “naked” or use a leash and collar.
  5. Try to have the dog facing forward (not looking at the handler) and on a loose leash. Placing a toy or bowl of treats on a chair about the dog’s head height can give the dog something to focus on / move toward during the gait analysis process.
  6. Shoot the footage on a hard surface, that is uncluttered, and nonslip surface (like driveway concrete) so all of the foot can be seen. Since the feet are critical in determining the limb angle, footage shot in grass is much less accurate.
  7. An uncluttered background can also be helpful, but is not as critical as the surface.
  8. Most phones have a wide angle option. Using this can be helpful in capturing more strides per pass.

Please edit the resulting video clips into a single video with a maximum of 10 min in duration, and at normal speed. I can adjust the speed slower as needed. To stay within the allotted time, removing extraneous footage can be helpful. If possible please label the clips with the side and type of gait, as this helps Anna Lee analyze the video more effectively. Video clips longer than 10 minutes will have the first 10 minutes analyzed.

This can be challenging to execute for sure so do your best. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I will do my best to draw an appropriate conclusion from the video provided.

Once I have the footage, we can schedule a date for our video call to go over my findings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are additional questions allowed? Or only the Video Submission?

YES! If we have extra time, any and all questions related to the gait analysis, and next steps are allowed and ENCOURAGED! I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I will also do my best to point you in the right direction if you have questions that fall outside my scope or experience.

Do I need to submit the gait video in advance?

Any video to be analyzed (up to 10 min) needs to be submitted for review at least 48 hours before the consult. It takes me quite a bit of time to review the video, and make the included graphics. The more time I have to watch the video, let the information percolate in my brain, and build the graphic analysis, the better your results will be. If I could have your gait analysis video for review a week before the consult, that would be ideal.

I'm having trouble shooting the video. HELP!

Shooting video appropriate for gait analysis can be difficult for sure… Especially for dogs who are trained to heel. Just do your best. If you are unsure if the footage you have is “good enough” edit a short clip and I’m happy to check it over.

To keep the dog focused forward and moving smoothly, it can be helpful to have the dog move back and forth between 2 objects (like a chair or Cato Board) with a food bowl or toy situated at about head height.

Why is you Gait Analysis SO EXPENSIVE??

Well… Mostly because it takes quite a lot of time to thoroughly review the video, take screenshots of the exact moment I need from a variety of phases of the gait cycle, and construct the graphic overlay that supports my findings. This is not a small task.

It probably takes 1 hour to review the gait analysis video thoroughly, 2 hours to take the screenshots, construct the graphic overlay, and build your take-home PDFs.

And then 1 hour to explain my findings in our face-to-face video call.

This type of detailed analysis can then be used to help guide your veterinary care team, and inform an appropriate diagnostic pathway. OR if I am unable to find a gait anomaly, I will back that up with evidence. This type of peace of mind is well worth the consult fee.

What happens if I don't submit all 10 minutes?

If you find you have a shorter amount of video for Anna Lee to review, that’s totally fine! Feel free to submit what you have. It’s likely Anna Lee can draw an effective conclusion from shorter clips if the video is high quality.

That being said, I can only analyze what I can see. So with shorter video or missing views, I will try and draw a reasonable hypothesis from the information provided.

Unused video time does not carry over for future usage.

Where does the feedback take place?

I use Zoom for all my Consults. Once we decide on a time, I will send you a Zoom Invite for our consult!

How do I sign up?

I do have a limited number of slots available each month, so space is limited. If you would like to sign up for a Gait Analysis Consult, use the form provided at the bottom of the previous page, or shoot me an email [email protected]

Can I share the Feedback PDF with my care team?

YES!! I am all about a collaborative approach. I am more than happy for you to share the feedback you received with other members of your care team. Working together we can do so much more!!