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If you’re looking for more details about how the Feedback Options work, you’ve come to the right place!


All Feedback Options are conducted via a private Facebook group.

So, I will make a private group where you and I are the only members. You will be able to practice your exercises on your own, at a time that’s convenient for you and your pup. Record your sessions. When you have a question, are running into an issue, or just want to make sure you’re executing correctly, you can submit a video clip or clips for review. You will post your video clip(s) to your private group. Within 24 hours, I will comment with feedback, suggestions, marked up photos, etc. We can continue our conversation with as much “back and forth” as is needed until you feel comfortable moving forward.

NOTE: I do take Friday off from feedback, but besides that, I will get back to you inside 24 hours.


Ask as many questions as you like!

Even if they aren’t submitted with a video. I am here to support you and your learning style!


You will have access to the group forever.

The group and the information it contains are yours to reference any time, for as long as Facebook exists.


Specific instructions and guidelines about posting will be provided.

Not everybody is a wiz at navigating Facebook! So I provide specific guidelines about formatting your posts will be provided, as will a list of “Tips & Tricks” to help use the group successfully. If you need even more help, I have a step-by-step guide on how to post successfully.


Minutes do not roll over between weeks, but we can pause for an emergency.

If you do happen upon an emergency, unforeseen issue, human or dog illness, etc, you always have the option to pause your Feedback Option and resume at a later date.


If you ever find you are running out of minutes, you always have the option to upgrade.

If you want to be able to submit more video than your current Feedback Option includes, you can always upgrade to the next level at a prorated rate.


I limit the number of dog/handler teams I take on per month to 10.

I do this so I can keep quality super high and feedback detailed / customized. So I often run out of space in my schedule. To keep things fair, and give everyone as much help as I can, each team will have the option to renew their Feedback Option 2x. After that, if I have room in my schedule, you can definitely renew if you’d like, or request to be added to the waitlist for the coming months.

Example: If you sign up for the Slow & Steady Feedback Option in  December, your Feedback Option will run for 8 weeks and wrap up toward the end of January. If you would like to continue receiving feedback and video review, your slot will be prioritized in the February session. Once your second renewal is complete, you may have to move to the wait list if other teams have reserved space in my schedule. But don’t worry! You should be well prepared to implement your program independently, and you’ll always have access to me in the Canine Conditioning and Body Awareness Exercises Facebook group via Feedback Friday!

Have a question that’s not addressed here? Shoot me an email [email protected]