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Truly Custom. Not just a Cut and Paste.

For dog / handler teams who do not fit into one of the Canine Conditioning Coach pre-designed programs, Anna Lee has a solution in her Custom Program Design Service! This bespoke program option is a great choice for dogs transitioning out of rehab into fitness, dealing with some unique issue or contraindication, looking to target a specific area, or for teams currently in rehab looking for a collaborative approach between their rehab and fitness professionals. 

Image showing an example of a Custom Program by Canine Conditioning Coach

Custom Program Highlights:

  • Design Fee: $400 USD
  • Custom Exercises: 5-8 exercises specifically selected for the unique needs of your individual dog.
  • 3 Total Tiers of Progression: Each of the exercises selected for your Custom Program will be progressed three times ensuring you build muscle, improve body awareness, in increase range of motion.
  • Customized Instructions: Anna Lee will also include customized instructions for each exercise that details any modifications that are needed from the demonstrated Video Tutorial, watchpoints specific to your pup, and how the exercise specifically meets the needs of your dog.
  • 4-6 Months of Material: Each Custom Program contains enough material to cover the next 4-6 months. And the final circuit progression can be used for maintenance long term.
  • Detailed Video Tutorials: Each exercise has a detailed video tutorial that explains how the exercise should be performed, and how to teach / train the exercise itself.
  • 1 Year of Access: Included in each Custom Program is 1 Year of access to the included video tutorials.
  • Beautiful Color Manual: A well organized color manual, with reminder images, and direct links to the video tutorials can be downloaded and used digitally, or sent to the print shop to be printed and bound. A must if you’re a learner that needs paper, or have spotty internet.
  • Add Feedback at Any Time: All of Anna Lee’s Custom Programs are designed with everything you should need to execute independently… But sometimes it’s nice to have extra help. You always have the option to add a Video Review Consult, or Ongoing Feedback.
  • Sport Dog Warm-Up / Cool Down: For sport and Working Dogs, your Custom Program also includes a Customizable Warm-Up / Cool Down to help you transition back to full function safely.

This Custom Program is structured to ensure that you have the resources and guidance you need to confidently guide your pup through each exercise progression.  I tried to think of every single thing you could need.

Want to see an actual example? Check out Ginger’s Custom Program 

Image showing pages from a Custom Program by Canine Conditioning Coach

Who would benefit from a Custom Program?

  • This service is ideal for dog / handler teams that have been cleared to return to work, sports, or “normal activity” but are dealing with underlying issues that require accommodations.
  • Similarly, for dogs currently in rehab that need to avoid certain movement patterns, Anna Lee will work in collaboration with your Rehab or Sports Medicine Team to build safe and effective program for you to implement.
  • Lastly, some Sport or Working dogs who have appropriate clearances can benefit from a more targeted/custom approach to expertly prepare a targeted area for sport specific demands, and guard against relapse after injury.


Feel Empowered

Our mission is not just to provide exercises, but to empower you with the skills to identify proper alignment, and make adjustments in the moment, to build strength, endurance and stability in your pup. By the end of this Custom Program you should feel confident in what you are seeing concerning your pup’s movement mechanics, and have the data ‘in hand’ to confidently move forward with work, sport, or daily life!

Image showing the Dog Specific Guidelines page from a Canine Conditioning Coach Custom Program.


Ready to sign up? Shoot me an email!

[email protected]

To ensure Anna Lee has the best information to build your Custom Program please include the following information


    1. Include “Custom Program” in your email subject line.
    2. Full case history, including your pup’s name, gender, neuter status, age, and any past issues or injuries that need to be accommodated.
    3. Any diagnostic imaging reports, or relevant notes from the other members of your care team.
    4. Your goals, and what you hope to achieve from this Custom Program,
    5. A list of exercises you are currently executing.
    6. A short video (5 min or less) demonstrating your current exercise program. Best to send a YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive link. This will help Anna Lee determine where your Custom Program should begin with regards to difficulty level.
    7. Anna Lee will contact you directly with any other requests / questions, and to go over her timeline for completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this Custom Program SO EXPENSIVE??

Well… Mostly because it takes quite a lot of time to build a Custom Program.

Unlike other available options that use Drag & Drop software, Anna Lee constructs each of her custom programs for your dog specifically, including customized instructions, watchpoints, and modifications. 

Each exercise includes a detailed Video Tutorial that covers what the ideal execution should look like and how to train the desired behavior. 

Your Custom Program Manual is also organized and optimized for clarity and includes written reminders and images so you can focus on your dog while training vs having to watch a video each time.

The Manual is also fully downloadable and printable, allowing you to work from a printed manual, and easily take notes. 

Lastly, your Custom Program includes 4-6 months worth of exercise progressions. So while the design fee may be hire than other options, the quality of the end result, and the amount of information included really speaks for itself. 

How quickly can you have my Custom Program ready?

I usually aim for a delivery date 1 week after receiving your intake information.

Some of that depends on my existing workload. It typically takes me 4-5 hours to build the program from start to finish over the course of 3-5 days. 

This includes reviewing your intake information, reaching out to your care team (if applicable), selecting appropriate exercises, writing your custom instructions, formatting your Program Manual, and reviewing everything for errors. 

Can I use my Custom Program for multiple dogs?

Technically yes. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. BUT, the purpose of choosing a Custom Program over one of my pre-designed programs is to construct a program specific to the individual. 

So if you’re looking to use a program for multiple dogs, it’s likely you would be better served by choosing something like the Beginner Program, Sport Dog Program, or Senior Dog Program. 

I'm having trouble executing the exercises. Can I send you some video to review?

Absolutely! I never want you to feel alone on your conditioning journey!

I have a variety of options for feedback available from one-off video review consults, to monthly ongoing help! 

What if I need adjustments to my Custom Program?

Program redesign is not included in the Custom Program Design Fee.

But if you and your pup are struggling, or you’re noticing avoidance behavior, shoot me an email and we will come up a solution [email protected]

When and how do I pay?

After your Custom Program design is completed, Anna Lee will email you an invoice. You can pay using any major credit card, or via bank transfer (which is easier in some countries). PayPal is available on request as well, with a small processing fee.

How do I sign up?

I do have a limited number of Custom Program Design slots available in my schedule each month, so space is limited. If you would like to sign up, use the form provided at the bottom of the previous page, or shoot me an email [email protected]

Can I share the Program PDF with my care team?

YES!! I am all about a collaborative approach. I am more than happy for you to show the Program Manual to the other members of your care team. Working together we can do so much more!!