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If you’re looking for more details about how the Troubleshooting Consult works, you’ve come to the right place!


Ahead of time

Before the live 1-Hour Video Call, you can submit a full case history, including any diagnostic reports, veterinary / chiro / rehab progress reports, and up to 10 minutes of video that demonstrates the issue, or question(s) you would like to discuss. This can include gait analysis video, exercise video, or anything else that you would like me to review. I will look all of this over closely so I can be well prepared for our meeting.

If you have a list of specific questions you would like to cover, sometimes writing them out and submitting them ahead of time can help us stay on track.

I will also send you a Zoom link for our call, along with a PayPal invoice for the fee. Please do return the invoice ASAP to hold your space in my schedule. 


During the call

I will explain to you what the diagnostic reports mean if there is any confusion, or if those haven’t been explained thoroughly enough along with what I am seeing in the submitted video.

We can discuss what this might mean for your pup, any general things that should be avoided or implemented, as well as any adjustments that can be made.

We can formulate a general pathway forward, whether that includes referral to a specialist or rehab professional, general guidance on types of exercise to avoid or implement, and how implementing a formal conditioning program might be helpful (or harmful).

I want you to get the most out of out time together. 


After the call

If I have mentioned specific resources, professionals, or programs, I will send you a follow up email that covers those specifics, along with any other specific components we may have covered.

If I have made any marked up photos, I will include that information for you to reference as well, or share with other members of your care team.


What is not included

This format does not include a specific exercise protocol or custom programming. It also does not include a transcript or recording of the call.


Have a question that’s not addressed here? Shoot me an email [email protected]